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Dr. Ram Gunn, Steele Mann Soul Mate Rescued Series, Char Sharp, Author, Romantic Suspense, Mystery

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Two popular characters in Books 1 and 2, Dr. Ram Gunn and Steele Mann, will have his own book in Books 3 & 4 to complete the series. You must read Hinged prior to reading the last two books. Hinged can be enjoyed as a standalone, but you must read it first to understand Book 3, Decoding Doctor Gunn. I'm currently writing Dr. Ram Gunn's book.  See below....


Decoding Doctor Gunn

A Soul Mate Rescued Novel, Book 3

It was a rare supermoon that brought Dr. Ram Gunn and Filis Blair together. Two wounded souls looking to escape into a night of passion, and they weren’t supposed to see each other ever again

The official blurb and book cover are  coming soon.

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