Hinged, Soul Mate Rescued,Romantic Suspense, mystery, cyberthriller, abduction, amnesia, doctor

 Suspense and intrigue abound in this compelling romantic thriller. Grab your tissues and start reading today! 


~ Blurb ~

She can’t remember him.

He’ll never forget her.

Another man's secret keeps them apart.

When Robin Finch is abducted, her salvation comes in an unlikely hero, Dr. Ramsey Gunn, trauma surgeon and a computer genius. Developing amnesia after enduring her captor’s sadistic torture and a blow to her head, Robin has no memory of her previous life. Dr. Gunn rescues Robin from their captor and goes off the grid to keep her safe for years. 

But Dr. Ram Gunn may not be the savior he claims to be.

Upon his return from a mission, Navy SEAL Cooper Baron discovers his fiancée missing and presumed dead. Not believing she’s dead and hell-bent on discovering the truth about Robin’s disappearance, he will stop at nothing until she is back in his arms. Through the long years, searching for her in every woman’s face, he’s determined to locate the woman who haunts him. But finding Robin may put her in more danger than she’s ever faced before.

Content Warning: Contains adult situations and language, and sexual scenes intended for mature audiences. 18+ Audience.

Note to reader: Although you could delight in reading about favorite characters from Book One, The Kiss of Life, Hinged can easily be enjoyed out of order. No cliffhanger.